There is a famous song that has the phrase: "How do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume? It isn't easy, but I'll try..." Alicia literally has taken our daughter from the "crayon" stage of Dressage to almost the "perfume" stage. Emmy started training with Alicia off and on over 7 years ago at the age of 10.  Four years ago, Emmy put her full focus on Dressage, and we were so lucky to have Alicia take her on as a student.  At 13 years old with her little 14.3 Arab gelding, Sea-Skor, in training level.  Now in the third year with her new horse, Ordained, a half Arab/Oldenburg gelding, Alicia has brought them along to showing at First and Second levels.

Alicia fills a room with light. She has the amazing quality to find the good and positive in every situation.  My husband Tom and I have been around horse trainers for over 30 years, and Alicia is the cream of the crop.  Not only has Alicia instructed Emmy in all dressage basics and methods of each level, she has led by example how to treat horses and people in everyday life.  With Alicia as her trainer, Emmy and Dane qualified this year for the USDF Region 2 Championships, and Sport Horse Nationals in First Level.  Alicia's training methods with horses is always based on what is best for the horse.  Her work ethic, kindness and gentleness are a privilege to watch. 

Not only has Alicia been Emmy and Dane's trainer, she trained my new horse Silent Eclipse.  Eclipse is a 14 year old Arab gelding, that was sweet and trained in the basics, but not confident in any new situation.  Alicia had him for 3 months, and he went from his sides quivering if she even picked up a flag, to trotting on a long rein while she drags a rope with a plastic bag behind him.  He is a happier, confident horse because of her kind, patient training methods.

Alicia has brought out the best in Emmy as an Equestrian and as a young lady. She has also brought out the best in our horses, Dane and Eclipse, by taking the time to know them, and work with them, not against them. Alicia not only gives confidence to the rider and horse, she gives priceless knowledge and tools to draw on when she is not there with you.We consider Alicia family and hope we are lucky enough to have her guidance in all things, especially equestrian related!! It has been a privilege and an honor!

Cindy Love

I have known Alicia and have been riding with her for 10 years now.  She is one of my favorite instructors and people.  Alicia is talented and kind. I believe that Alicia is an amazing teacher and trainer for two reasons......1- is because she is so easy to be around and makes learning fun and 2- is because of her well-rounded education.  I would highly recommend her to any horse and rider, from beginner to grand prix.  Thanks for everything Alicia!!        

~Brooke Sene

Brooke Sene riding Willow

My daughter and I began working with Alicia a number of years ago.  We must have been quite a pair for her.  I hadn’t cantered a horse, and my daughter didn’t want to canter. Alicia worked with each of us with such patience and clarity,  peppered lessons by saying “Does that make sense?”  You know what, it did!

My daughter is now an avid jumper.  And I recently was in a cow working clinic!  Can you imagine!  I certainly couldn’t at the beginning.  With Alicia’s guidance and encouragement I have accomplished things that I never thought possible.  She also has a very rare quality in a teacher: she is also an incredible student.  She is always open to learning from anyone, and this quality is of great benefit to her students.    Her open mind to ideas in every discipline (English AND Western) allows her to bring so much to the table, or barn, as the case may be.   

She sees the best in both horse and rider and has the uncanny ability to get it across to them.  She also has the most humble attitude about the amazing things that she can do. Alicia takes horse and rider, and makes them both feel that they too can become great.  
If you get the chance to train with her, do it, because on top of it all, you’ll enjoy yourself.   She’s a joy to work with and a lot of fun. 

Mary Brownlie 
Amherstburg, Ontario Canada

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.  Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."  Mark Twain

I am proud and honored to have the opportunity to have had Alicia work for our various enterprises over the past 17 years.

When Alicia started and demonstrated her passion for an equestrian profession, my commitment to her was to expose her and give her the opportunity to learn from the world's greatest professionals.  She embraced this mission with enthusiasm and I am proud to say the result today is that Alicia herself has become a world class trainer/equestrian in her own right.  Her background and expertise are diversified and extensive in basic horsemanship, from years of working with our good friend Buck Brannaman, to excelling in the art of dressage.

Not only does Alicia understand horses, but one of her great strengths is her ability to connect with people and to communicate in a way that is both effective and meaningful.  Alicia has certainly had a major impact on all of our horses, on our family and on all of the people she works and interacts with.

I am extraordinarily proud of Alicia and encourage you to experience the benefits she will bring to you and your horses first hand.

David V. Johnson
Chairman, Victor International Corporation

"Alicia is a talented teacher of people of all ages, including women "of a certain age," like me.  She has a keen eye but always finds something positive to say about your efforts. 

"Problem horses" amazingly become just horses with behaviors that are fixable.  Your mare won't load?  Not to worry, Alicia can show you how to do it easily.  Your horse breaks out of cross-ties?  Not to worry, Alicia can show you how to tack her up while loosely holding the halter rope, or if you have to leave her for a moment, how to tie her up high, so she can't get much leverage if she gets anxious and wants to leave in a hurry.  Your horse won't back without you exhausting yourself?  Not to worry, Alicia can get her backing lightly in five minutes.  Getting you to be able to do it takes a little longer, but she doesn't just teach, she demonstrates.

Alicia is outstanding at natural horsemanship, jumping, dressage, cow roping, and most important, rider confidence building.  She takes you where ever you are and helps you get where you want to go.  She's that rare trainer who is a sunny and caring and positive person.  She is a joy to know."

Sally Goshorn
Sally Goshorn with her mare Dancer

Alicia came to our barn at a time when my wife had to go in for surgery. There were a number of months where my wife was not going to be able to teach.  Alicia slotted right in so that both her entrance and exit, when her husband got a job out of state, were seamless. The riders enjoyed her lessons but there was never any kind of competition as far as whether she or my wife was a better teacher.  In fact, there were a lot of discussions between them as to how best to work with some of the students. It was clear the students really liked her lessons.

It is obvious that she has pursued the world of horsemanship with an open mind to what works. This includes everything from dressage and natural horsemanship to herding cows.  When she found out that I had a practice in Structural Integration she made a point of seeing how that would benefit her relationship with horses. I enjoyed listening to Alicia and my wife discuss riding concepts just as you would listen to any two experts in a field discussing their craft.

From a business standpoint, Alicia was a person of integrity. Everything was documented appropriately and clear.

Finally, over the years, I have come to learn that you can tell a lot about a person by what they are doing when you happen upon them. Alicia would be hard at work with a horse or some other thing at those times.  Alicia is a class act and I would recommend her for anything in your life, including friendship.

Jim Arkison
Synchrony Farm
Saline, Michigan
Alicia is - hooves down - the best trainer in the world.  She's as good with people as she is with horses.  She radiates cheerfulness and calmness, and people and horses alike respond to that.  In the six years we've trained with her, we have never seen Alicia get upset and lose her temper with any horse or rider.

There are never any gimmicks, tricks or false "quick fixes" with Alicia, and everything is done for the good of the horse. She helps both horse and rider build a solid foundation without any holes.  Her goals are good communication and trust between you and your horse, and building confidence in both of you so you can enjoy a wide variety of activities together. She pushes for the best without ever pushing past the limits.

The proof of Alicia's good training is the praise and approval she has received from some the top horseman in the world- German Riding Master K.A. Von Ziegner, Herbert Seiberl of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Bettina Drummond, Maryal Barnett and Buck Brannaman.  In spite of this, Alicia has absolutely no inflated ego or arrogance, and she is always striving to learn more and improve.


Kecia Freed 
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